Review of Everything Weapons store in Cool Springs

I went into this store today and I was fairly happy with what I found there.

(Check out my updated review from the main page! This store gets better and better!
Updated review of EverythingWeapons store in Cool Springs )

The storefront was very unassuming and although there are no frills at all to the store, you can see quickly that they have a lot of the things that you need.

They have an ample supply of ammo in all the major calibers from 10mm to .223 and even some green tip 5.56.

They also have a fairly good supply of AR-15 accessories and scopes and mags.

The only complaint I have is upon asking them what knives they carry. They replied that they would maybe carry some benchmade brand knives. This is the only downside to an otherwise pleasant visit to one of the new gun shops in town.

I recommend this store and also will definitely be going back for my ammunition needs.

Rated 7 out of 10.

One additional plus is the option of them ordering what you need.

Check them out at

2 thoughts on “Review of Everything Weapons store in Cool Springs

  1. Thanks for the review. Come take a look at our store again we have a multitude of items. We value your opinion and thank your for keeping the Prep crowd in the loop.
    Thanks again,
    Everything Weapons Staff

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